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A Call To Serve

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association is creating several boards to work on a variety of issues raised at its Annual General Meeting. We need the help of Members and other Civil Servants interested in working for the betterment of their fellow Public Servants. If that might be you, please contact us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and let us know which committee you can help with.

  • Communications Committee
    • Raise the profile of the Civil Service;
    • Improve Communications between CICSA and Members;
    • Publicise CICSA Events.
    • This is a working committee committed to getting things done. If you've ever said “CICSA should do ...” then this is probably the committee for you. Join the Communications Committee and help us get it done.
  • Entertainment Committee
    • Remember the Civil Service Christmas Party? The Talent Show? The Family Fun Day? Did you enjoy them? Do you miss them? Have you ever said CICSA should put them on again? Have you never heard of them but think they sound interesting? Then this is the committee for you!
  • Grievances Committee
    • Many Public Servants find themselves at odds with their employers and turn to the Association for help. In the past this has been handled by various members of Management Council fielding the emails and telephone calls and offering their experience, their eloquence, their shoulders in support of their fellow Civil Servants on an ad hoc basis. Unfortunately the number of grievances being aired has grown to the point where the Management Council needs help with this. You don't need to be a lawyer to serve on this committee, just a willingness to make yourself available to others and to help them navigate through the rules of the Public Service Management and Finance Law. Your usefulness to the Civil Service could not be overstated.
  • Benefits / Rights
    • As we have seen recently the government and the public are eyeing the benefits of the civil service with avarice. No pay packet, health coverage or pension payment is safe. Even the recent switch to contracted employment for all civil servants has not made our employment rights as legally protected as we might have hoped. Therefore we need a committee of people to look into these issues, advise on how to respond to the attacks as they come and look forward at how to prepare for, or circumvent, the challenges which could arise in this aspect of our Civil Service employment.
  • Policy (Cost Savings / Revenue Earnings)
    • This is similar to the Benefits & Rights Committee but with an eye to the Public Service as a whole. How will budget cuts affect the services we provide to the public? The outputs we have contracted with the government to achieve? Are there economisations or management efficiencies that Government should obviously be pursuing regardless of the national economy? Are there avenues to increase government revenues without unduly affecting the public? Remembering that we are the public; we have as clear a view on that question as anyone else and it is not a question to be ducked. Nor is the question “Are these proposed revenue generating measures as well thought out as they could be?” While it is not for us to second-guess policy it is our duty to help the Government make the best policies they can. These will be the roles of this committee and if it interests you please volunteer.
  • Commercial Committee
    • A number of issues are coming up where those Public Servants who currently run their own businesses or have previous business management experience would be of valuable assistance. If this describes you, please let us know you can help.
      • At the AGM the membership moved a motion to hire a CICSA staffer. While we may have experience hiring civil servants, you have the experience hiring private employees.
      • There is renewed interest in a Civil Servants Special Offers Programme – something akin to, or partnered with, the discount cards already in existence in Cayman but by Public Servants, for Public Servants.
      • There is even interest in the idea of a Civil Service Commissary, where the Association would partner with a preferred provider to achieve price savings for members. Or just run its own grocery store. Lots of people have lots of ideas, but we need members with the right experience to make the worthwhile ones succeed.


If any of these ideas sound interesting to you please don’t think that they’ll “soon come” without people on these committees to do them. If any of these ideas sound interesting to you, please, sign up for that committee – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .